COVID-19 is the single most important issue before Council today.  Juntos podemos combatir COVID.

When elected, my priority will the be following:


Phased-In Reopening Plan. I will work with local leadership to adopt a coordinated phased-in reopening plan that takes into account all options permitted to local governments under the Governor’s emergency orders. I will push to follow as closely as possible the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines for a safe reopening based on trends in symptoms, cases, hospitalizations, and transparent cluster data.

Public Education Campaign. I will push for the City to invest more funds to keep the public informed on our reopening plans and our progress, so that our neighbors can better protect their loved ones and small businesses can safely serve the community. We need to meet people where they are -- at home, online, at work, social media, TV and radio, newspaper -- to provide updated information.


Efficient use of YOUR tax dollars. Through the relationships I have nurtured with City leadership and staff, I will ensure that we are using all local, state and federal COVID dollars in the most efficient way possible, prioritizing our most vulnerable communities, and using every dollar allocated. I will not leave money on the table due to inefficient systems that could have gone to help families. I will push for increased City investment, beginning with a COVID task-force composed of local health experts, women, community organizers, and small business leaders



What we know:


  • Even with a vaccine getting closer to being available, COVID-19 is not going away any time soon.

  • Compared to white Americans, Black and Hispanic Americans are nearly five times more likely to be hospitalized from the virus, and Black Americans are twice as likely to die from it, according to the CDC.

  • In El Paso, where our population is 83% Latino, the percentage of COVID cases and death are disproportionately among Latinos (both at 93%). 

  • Vulnerable populations include those in nursing homes, homeless shelters, prisons, and low-income housing.

  • Women are overrepresented in industries where COVID-19 is more susceptible to being spread like retail, restaurants, health care, and caregiving.

  • Slowing the spread of COVID-19 is the only way to alleviate our hospital crisis, according to medical experts.



What Team Judy is doing in the field:

We are taking every precaution to ensure our volunteers stay safe at all times.

  • We provide face masks, face shield, hand sanitizer, and gloves to all volunteers.

  • All volunteers get their temperatures checked before canvassing. 

  • Text and phone banking are always available for volunteers who prefer to stay indoors.

  • We practice proper social distancing at all times.




What we URGENTLY need: 


It is critically important for all our local leaders to be at the same virtual table discussing ways that we can collectively mitigate the spread of the virus in order to save our loved ones.


  • Coordinated, cross-team management efforts that include County, City, School Districts, Fort Bliss, Juarez, and Las Cruces officials to set and enforce policies that prioritize public health and saving lives

  • Virtual town halls dedicated to public education that answer constituent questions, comments, address our concerns   

  • Better oversight of federal and state COVID dollars that reach families in need and are not wasted on high administrative costs, or not spent by the deadline

  • City Council must prioritize low-paid workers, families, and vulnerable communities





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